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In vitro cellular level

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Primary cardiac myocytes in guinea pig or rabbit - Na channel

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In vitro electrophysiology INa assay in primary cardiomyocytes:

Assay platform/method

Conventional patch clamp

Cells used in the assay

Acutely isolated cardiomyocytes from guinea pig or rabbit

Measured parameters

Whole cell current of sodium channels

Test concentrations

4 -5 doses for IC50

Data point repeats

N ≥ 3 for each concentration

Note: 1) Positive control: 10 μM Amitriptyline is used in the assay to ensure cell quality and normal response of sodium channels.

2) 1 or 2 doses could be tested if IC50 is not required.

Effect of amitriptyline at a holding potential of V1/2 of fast Na channel Inactivation and IC50 value inguinea pig cardiac myocytes

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