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Main Office, PCL

Address: Haimen Biotech and Pharmaceutical Park, Riverside New District, Haimen, Jiangsu Province, China

Tel:+86 0513 68015200

Website: www.pharmacorelab.com

Branch Office, PCL

Address: Block 6D, 780 Cailun Road, China (Shanghai) pilot free trade zone. infor@pharmacorelab.com

About us

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PharmaCore Labs (PCL) Co., Ltd is a Chinese-foreign joint venture enterprise founded in 2013. The company is located inside the Haimen Biotech and Pharmaceutical Park of the Riverside New District in Jiangsu Province. The park covers an area of 500 acres with a total planned construction area of 320,000 square meters and is suitable for scientific research and development, business incubation, service outsourcing, product testing, and GMP factory. PCL also has two branch offices in Shanghai, China, and in New York, USA. The company is founded by several returned overseas doctors with rich working experience in the pharmaceutical companies in the US, and 50% of staff members hold master degrees and above. PCL is the first company available in China to provide complete pre-clinical cardiac safety assessment platforms and ion channel targeted drug developments. PCL can provide a wide range of testing platforms from the cellular level to the whole animal level which follow GLP-similar guidelines for pre-clinical cardiac safety evaluation and ion channel targeted drug R&D.

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