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Hit Identification

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Hit Identification

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Reaction BiologyReaction Biology is world leader in kinase and epigenetic drug discovery research–excellence due to gold standard assay formats with high reproducibility and low false positive/negative counts

Over 1,000 validated assays are available for high throughput screening based on

Our experienced assay development team will realize all steps necessary for your customized screening project including

• Enzymatic activity

• Protein-protein interaction

• Biophysical binding

• Membrane binding

• Cell-based receptor functions

• Construct selection

• Molecular cloning

• Protein production and purification

• Substrate identification

• Assay development and optimization

• Primary, secondary and counter screenings

Hit Evaluation via Secondary and Orthogonal Screening

• Validate primary hits by IC50 value determination

• Identify false positives/negatives by use of a second assay format

• Get more knowledge about the compound-target interaction such as kinetic data

• Use cell-based activity assays to validate the activity of your compound in a cellular environment and ensure it can cross the membrane to enter the cells


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