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Target Validation

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Target Validation

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• Validate the contribution of your target to the disease phenotype
• Observe disease-related effects of target knockout in vitro and in vivo
• Off-the-shelf or custom-tailored solutions are provided

Target gene silencing and over-expression in tumor cell lines is routinely performed via lentiviral
transduction and expression of target gene-specific RNA interference via shRNA.

Inducible target knockout serves as tool for target validation in established tumors in vivo. Using
the well known Tet-On/Off technology, target knockout can be induced in vivo to observe effects on tumor growth or immune response.

Cell lines bearing mutated target genes can be investigated for target specific effects in any of our phenotypical cell-based
assays and tumor growth can be compared in vivo to the parental wild type tumor cell line.

Is your target essential for the proliferation of tumor cells?
Is your target relevant for blood vessel formation?
Is your target involved in the cell transformation process?
Does your target play a role in the metastasis process?
Does the knockout of your target result in reduced tumor growth?
Is your target responsible for substrate phosphorylation, methylation or acetylation?
Does the expression of your target correlate with immune cell infi ltration of tumors?


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