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CiPA panel

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hERG channel is critical in the repolarization stage of the heart. Congenital mutation or drug inhibition of hERG channel could prolong QT interval in ECG, which potentially cause TdP (Torsades de pointes), a fatal type of polymorphic ventricular tachycardia in severe cases. On the other hand, significant drug potentiation of hERG channel could shorten QT interval, leading to cardiac arrhythmia as well.

PharmaCore Labs provides manual patch clamp functional hERG assay to evaluate drug's inhibition or potentiation effect on hERG channel.

In vitro electrophysiology functional hERG assay with manual patch clamp:

Assay platform/method

Conventional patch clamp

Cells used in the assay

HEK293 hERG stable cell line

Measured parameters

Whole cell tail current of hERG channels

Test concentrations

5 doses for IC50

Data point repeats

N ≥ 3 for each concentration

Note: 1) Positive control: 30 μM Quinidine is used in the assay to ensure cell quality and normal response.

          2) 1 or 2 doses could be tested if IC50 is not required.

Inhibition effect of different concentrations of quinidine on hERG tail currents

The stability curve of hERG IC50 of quinidine over years

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